Ganesha is staying in the north Denver metro area in
Federal Heights for a bit longer. I met Sherry at a New
Year Eve party where she told us the story of the
White Elephant Gift and I found it to be a great idea.

As a student of religions with a big interest in
Hinduism, the elephant symbolism is very appealing to
me. I also am concerned about my acquisitive
tendencies and love the thought of a traveling gift.

Unlike the original White Elephants, this one is easy to
maintain and also to regift. It has been my inspiration
and pleasure to have it in my living room for 6 months.

I am planning to give it to my daughter who lives back
in Fort Collins and is about to give birth to my 1st

Thanks to Sherry for reminding me to update the
story and pass on the art. It was good to see her back
at the home of our common friends, Mike and Debra
to celebrate Independence Day. Did I remember how
you spell your name correctly?

Thank you William for your art and for sending the
White Elephant into the world. I wish you peace,
happiness and good fortune.
White elephant appears again.
July 5th, 2011
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JB has it.  WOW.   I wonder who JB is
and why he knows so much about
White Elephants.   I really got excited
about the elephant traveling.   I also
am wondering how hard it is to choose
who you will give the gift too or who will
take it.    
For some odd reason I feel extremely
famous because of a weird piece of art.
I also am wondering what will happen
to Shari now that she has given the
Elephant away.   I look so forward to
hearing the stories.   I feel like a kid at
Christmas time waiting.   I am sure the
white elephant   is being taken care
of.   Ganesha is a great name for her.  
Letting go of her is difficult.   Is she
ok?  I love her?  Is she still in Fort
Collins?  WOW it is incredible what a
piece of art can evoke in one’s mind.    
It is an object!   Art is Evocative.