I have not seen nor heard from Shari for some time
now.  I sent her this email today

It has been a few weeks since I let the White Elephant
go.    I got to drag her around for only one day and
enjoy her very shortly.   

When I look at gifts of abundance today I realized that
although I believed that when I let her go great
abundance would flow to me and what I realized it was
massive amounts of abundance was there all along.

I had my 55th birthday and realized I am on the cutting
edge of being one of those people in America that
has allowed abundance to flow  to me at unbelievable
rates and amounts.

When I looked at what had been given to me already,
I wanted what I had.   I have produced thousands of
pieces of art and continue to produce them on a
regular basis.    Many Many people own a piece of
what I had created from all over the globe.   

I made up a birthday list of people I wanted to be at
my birthday party and many of them made it.  The list
was not 5 or ten people but hundreds.   As I looked
around the room at all that God had given me and
listened as 60 or 70 people sang happy birthday to
me I wanted more people to be there and realized that
not hundreds but thousands of people were there with
me in spirit.

I was blessed beyond what I could imagine.   It was
absolutely incredible.   I also thought of the next 55
years and got blown away at what I imagined.  

I thought a lot of who had the white elephant now and
what she may be going through.   I thought of
abundance in new light.    

I have been wanting an angel experience as I was
envious of those that had them and wondered why
God was not giving me that experience.    I started
doing research on angels thinking I understood what
they were.   I was blessed with ignorance or thinking I
knew what they were.   Angels have been around me
all the time and I have actually seen a few of them and
filmed them.   

I am blessed with Spiritual abundance that priests and
popes and clergymen would give their left leg for.  I
have been in contact with spiritual indites like
Abraham for years.  

I have been taught to bi-locate and fly like angels.   I
have been unbelievable connection to God and all
that is.   I have been given and taught about the
greatest gift of all “forgiveness”  and can not believe
what it has generated for me.

I am in perfect health and am getting healthier and
healthier as I speak and write.    I take no medications
and I am lifting weights  and riding a bike that is
absolutely incredible for my age.  I race bikes and am
16th in the nation of all ages in one race I do.  

I understand my body and muscles better then
millions of people and have studied it and worked on it
for decades.   I know how to eat healthy and how to
take care of my body.

One of the things I have realized is hoarding my gifts
has never worked for me.    I found it very difficult to
let go of some of my first pieces of art and realized my
art did something to people when they looked at it.   It
evoked something in them, it changed them, it spoke
to them.   My mother was an artist and I think sold one
piece of art in her life time.   I filmed and took pictures
of all her art when she died.  My brothers nor,   I
hadn't seen much of it and she was our mother.

Art speaks…

As I look at my intelligence is absolutely incredible.    I
have 7 degrees and can do what people only dream
of doing.  I can take a magazine and spend a few
minutes with it and memorize every page and tell it
back to you in amazement.    I can speed read
through books and make a report of it at a rate that
absolutely amazing.  

Gifts are not meant to be hoarded.

Maybe I have been casting them to swine.   My gifts
are valuable.
The white elephant is worth millions of dollars.   It
maybe hard to give a million dollar gift away.  

Understand that it was in your hands for a purpose.  
What I realized is that the only gift that I have been
given freely unconditionally is forgiveness.    
At the moment I am working on  financial abundance
but if it is like anything and everything that has been
given to me it will be massive.   Abundance came and
continues to flow to me and giving the white elephant
away worked.   I am having the time of my life and am
so thankful.
I look so forward to listening to your stories about it.  
Shari's story about the
White ElephantGift
January 8th, 2011
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Shari returns my email and the elephant
moves on:

I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful
birthday.  I had planned to come to your party,
however, regretfully, I was drawn in another

You are truly blessed, William.  I see that you
recognize that.  You integrate information
quickly.  Not only that, you seem to utilize it.  I
see few people who actually act on information
as you do.

The White Elephant has a new home.  I shared
its message with people at a New Year's Eve
party I attended.  One of the people, Julio,
another artist, said he knew you.  Several
people were interested in the White Elephant.  
The Law of Attraction did its own magic and
the Elephant traveled home with a wonderful,
knowledgeable man named JB, whom I met
that evening.  He was already aware of the
sacred nature of the White Elephant to
Hinduism and even its given sacred
name...Ganesh.  In Hinduism, Ganesha refers
to the "lord of the hosts," also spelled as
Ganesa and Ganesh, often also referred to as
Ganapati) - and is one of the five most
well-known and venerated representations of
God (Brahman).  He is the Lord of success
and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is
also worshipped as the god of education,
knowledge, wisdom and wealth. I find it
interesting that with who you are and your
personal intent for the elephant, that your
creation has this aligned intrinsic symbolism
that you weren't even aware of at the time of
its creation!  How synchronistic!

Please feel free to post the above paragraph
on your White Elephant blog if you wish.

I appreciate your sharing your enlightenments
and appreciations with me.

JB has it.  WOW.   I wonder who JB is
and why he knows so much about
White Elephants.   I really got excited
about the elephant traveling.   I also
am wondering how hard it is to choose
who you will give the gift too or who will
take it.    
For some odd reason I feel extremely
famous because of a weird piece of art.
I also am wondering what will happen
to Shari now that she has given the
Elephant away.   I look so forward to
hearing the stories.   I feel like a kid at
Christmas time waiting.   I am sure the
white elephant   is being taken care
of.   Ganesha is a great name for her.  
Letting go of her is difficult.   Is she
ok?  I love her?  Is she still in Fort
Collins?  WOW it is incredible what a
piece of art can evoke in one’s mind.    
It is an object!   Art is Evocative.