I sent an email to Shari as I am concerned how she took
my last email  I write:

Thank you so much for the Christmas Card.

Merry Xmas the white elephant may be one of the
greatest gift I have ever had or given away.

I am wondering if you are in judgement of the way I
played the game at Abraham.   I played it completely
different then everybody else.   I really get it that the
game was about having fun and I played it as a way
to market myself and have fun and it created a cross

So what!  The rules didn’t state that there couldn’t
be a cross purpose.  But I also noticed how it
affected others and myself and especially me.  

I understand that I have confronted you with
questions like Why did you take the gift if it had
conditions on it and you in turn have confronted me
so we both got exposed

I am thinking of your cook who you gave a room to as
a gift with conditions.   If you cook me food I will gift
you with a place to stay.

I am learning very much about me in the three days
since the Elephant left my hands.  

I really do believe that piece of art is magical and
blessed by angels and the Universe.  

Christmas time is wonderful and I am so much full of
joy this year.

I know that Christ is about forgiveness and we seem
to put conditions on forgiveness.   I will forgive them
if….   Or how about the other side of it.    I need to
make it some how ok in my head that what they did to
me  is ok and I need to be ok in order to forgive.   Or
this is a big one… The universe, God, Santa,  will not
give me what I want because I have been naughty.  
So in order to get what I want I need to be nice all
the time and never make mistakes and I won’t get
what I want unless I am Saintly.

I think true forgiveness has no conditions on it and I
could be wrong but I believe that.

I have changed my beliefs as a result of a piece of
art.   The universe will give me what I want even if I
am naughty or nice. Art can change the way I believe
regardless if you believe it or not.

And so it is.

William Pilch
Shari's story about the
White ElephantGift
December 24-27 2010
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Shari writes back

Thank you for your confidence, William.  I will
definitely honor it.  I enjoy your perspectives
so.  I think, though, that to continue, I would
prefer talking, as in-depth emails are becoming
too difficult for me.  I am in "email mode" when I
read emails!  I'd be more than willing to meet
you somewhere to discuss further.

I believe much of the time we are discussing
semantics...personal interpretations of words,
but not always.

I believe all God's/Universe's gifts are
unconditional  because they are given freely,
with no expectation of acceptance.  It is our
choice to embrace them or not.  You are
definitely making me think, though, because
many do appear to be conditional, as we may
not receive the benefits without following the
required conditions!  If we don't accept the
conditions, do we even value the gift, much
less even have an awareness of any "gift"?  
These are very deep issues you bring up.  
Very philosophical.

After that experience, I'd bet it's easier for you
to embrace more of God's gifts!  How beautiful!

I had to think about sharing a personal email
with the "internet world".  I've decided I'm ok
with it, but would have definitely written it
differently if I had known "the total audience".  
How do I go about also posting something
myself with the White Elephant stuff?  

And so it is.  Exactly.  Whatever you believe,
you will have.

No judgment, just surprise.  I lived in a word of
ulterior motives for way too long and just enjoy
being far from that world.

Regarding the cooking/room thing.  I see that
as an agreement, an exchange...not a gift.  
See the difference?

Merry Christmas to you
I write back.
I see everything I am given a gift. So
any agreement I have with you or
somebody else is a gift.  A job is a gift
to me.  My health is a gift.  If you agree
to play a game with me it is a gift.
My job has conditions on it and it can
be taken away.   We have an
agreement or not that if I don't agree
to certain conditions my gift of a job
can be taken away.   

I am in partnership with the Universe
and ask for much at many levels and
receive much.  It seems like all that is
given to me has conditions on it,
except forgiveness.

I am the stewart of all the abundance I
have been given and am extremely
grateful for everything.   The
conditions are all about belief.  It all
boils down to one thing BELIEF.

Although I had ulterior motives  with
the White Elephant game non of them
were covert.  Everything was in the
open and not done in secret.  

It sounds like my ulterior motives
created some negative emotion in you
and it brought back something from
you past.  

People all around me have ulterior
motives that are hidden either
subciously or consious.   They are
either covert and out in plane sight for
me.     I prefer them to be in plane
sight so I can choose.   

Most people are asleep and don't even
know what they are chosen.

I see you given your cook a gift and
she given you one.   Like when I work
for somebody.  I give them service and
they give me money.  It is an exchange
of gifts.   I have something you want
and you have something I want.

I just believe that everything that is
given to me by the Universe is a gift.
Including these email exchanges.
As a matter of fact I have heard you
talk  about your cook with these words
almost verbatem.  "It is such a gift to
have her. She created these wonderful
meals and she is such a gift to me"
So no I don't see the difference.

Happy new year to you.