Shari responds to my email:
Dearest William,

Yes, everything is about belief.  I see you are troubled
with my current position on the white elephant.  I'm
responding like this, as I know you truly want to

First, when one gives a gift, just as love, it is truly a
gift given from the heart when it is unconditional.  Are
conditional gifts really gifts?  Abraham is about the
Law of Attraction.  Therefore, anything given with
conditions and conditions will return to you, which I
doubt you want.  Conditions and intentions are similar,
but different.  It does you no good to try to control
something you can't.  That's what's getting you upset!
 It's best just to release with love and trust that

You said, "So the longer you keep the Elephant the
longer you keep somebody else from believing."  You
clearly feel strongly about this.  I'm sorry you feel that
way.  Whether I keep the elephant or not has no
impact on what someone believes.  Do you really
believe a piece of art will CHANGE someone's belief?  
Possibly, but not among my circle of friends.  I can
definitely see it inspiring people, with what you wrote,
but people don't change easily.

Abraham is about feeling good.  The gift made me
feel good knowing that you put your heart and
creativity into it.  My response to you seemed to have
triggered bad feelings in you.  I regret that, but I am
not responsible for your perceptions and feelings.  
Only you are.  To feel good when you are not feeling
good, a shift in perspective is required.  Abraham is
also about the Art of Allowing and not resisting.

You say, "The White Elephant gift is a marketing tool.  
 It is designed to sell my art."  Aaaaahhhhhh.  The
intention of the Abraham party was to simply have fun,
nothing more.  Maybe the ulterior motive was
misplaced here?  I admire your creative strategy,
however you were among friends William.

William, it's critical that you trust the Universe to
deliver your matter what you hear or
see!  Don't let your senses deceive you.

I love your White Elephant, William.  I hope I relieve
you to let you know that I had no intention to keep
it...especially with the message that you sent with it.  I
honor who you are.   Besides,I keep very little.  It will
stay with me, though, until I am inspired to give it to
someone special who, too, will appreciate its value.  It
deserves that, in my opinion.

Trust, my friend, trust.

"We are heir to the laws that govern the world we
believe in"
Marianne Williamson

I believe in God's world (Abraham's too).  When your
perceptions are aligned with that you won't be
disturbed.  Let your emotions be your gauge.

I respond back:

I Do  

I realize I can’t control you.   Not really upset, just trying to
understand.   I thought we were to bring a gift to Abraham that we
would want,  that is what was in the email.  It looked like people brought
stuff they didn’t want.    I can’t confirm that unless I ask people, but it
really looked that way.   I didn’t feel that way about everybody’s stuff
but most.  You asked me why I took back my artifact it was because I
truly wanted it.   If everybody truly played the game the way we were
instructed they all would have wanted the gift they had brought.   I
believe everything is in devine order as welI. I  looked up what a white
elephant is on the internet .  A possession unwanted by the owner but
difficult to dispose of.  The rules were changed and for us as a
Abraham group.   My gift did have conditions on it.  If you wanted it
knowing it had conditions why did you accept it and go and get it once
it was taken from you.   You knew the gift had conditions and you went
for it twice.

Well I get many and many from people who believe that if they don’t
send out this email to 10 friends in the next day or bad things will
happen to them.  I must live in a different world then you do.  Although
you may not believe,  some people actually believe it will,  so they send
out 10 emails to their friends so bad things won’t happen to them.    I
ignor those emails because I don’t believe them.   Now if I believed that
bad things would happen to me I would be sending out 10 emails
everytime I got one of those like some of my friends do. It is all about

This is what I want.   I want as many people to touch and hold and
possess the artifact as possible, regardless if they believe it will give
them luck or not.   I received a free studio today as a result of believing
that abundance is coming my way.  Now it may be because I was able
to let go of the artifact or not.  I don’t know how God or the Universe
works.    What happens to me usually doesn’t manifest quickly but it
has been known to happen to me.

I do believe a piece of art can change somebody’s belief.    Art is like
words and words can change my belief.  Music can as well.

Not bad feeling just seeking to understand.   If you were to give the
same gift to me and tell me what was behind the gift and how it would
help you with your business and help to make you prosper and was a
tool used to help you market your business would I hestitate if the only
thing I had to do was give the gift away to help you would I do it.    In a
minute not month or week or day.   So this is what I am trying to

Now granted the gift exchange the way we played it was completely
different then any white elephant games I have played and I played it
different then most people mainly because we were instructed to play it
different. And actually I did not give the gift to you you took it.

I had plenty of fun at the Abraham party.    And I am among friends.


I trust the process.  Although I am New to this group I have been doing
this stuff for over 30 years.

Well  that is great to hear.  I will trust the process.   Will you let me
know when it travels from your hands
Shari's story about the
White ElephantGift
December 23, 2010
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