This is what is written on the back
of the White Elephant.:

This is the White Elephant Gift.  I
Intend this gift to be in the hands
of many people.

If you own this gift for any length of
time, great gifts of abundance,
fame and health will be given to

It has been blessed and angels
have carried it to be in your hands.
 It has magical powers created by
the energy of the precious stones
and crystals.

The more people that own this
White Elephant Gift the more
people will be filled with abundance.
Give the White Elephant Gift away
as soon as you can, as a birthday
gift or Christmas gift or just
because you want great gifts to
come to the person you gave it to.
As soon as you give it away great
gifts will be blessed on you.

If you want you can read about
William Pilch's "The White
Elephant Gift" Who has it and how
it got started and the magic that
happens to people that possess it
by going to
Shari Way now has the Elephant.  She
wants to keep it for a while.  I
encouraged her to give it away ASAP
and sent her this letter.  She believes
that abundance will come to her
regardless if she gives the artifact
away, so she might as well keep it for
as long as she wants.  Todays date is

I am one of the ones that believed that
if I give the elephant away great
abundance will flow to me.  It is all
about belief isn't it.   You don't have to
believe that but there are others like
me who will believe what I believe.   So
the longer you keep the Elephant the
longer you keep somebody else from
believing.  Just cause you don't believe
doesn't mean that somebody else
won't.   It sort of like you said.   
Abundance will flow to me regardless if
I give the elephant away or not.   It is
all about belief.   Abraham is all about
believing it is all about the feeling of

I guess the question comes.  How do I
give away something that I really love
and want to keep?  

The White Elephant gift is a marketing
tool.   It is designed to sell my art.   It is
designed to give joy to one person at a
time.  it is designed to be given away
because that is what White Elephants
are for.   Please if you want share you
story about receiving the artifact.   If
you are having trouble giving it away
share that.  If you really really are
abundant then buy one. Have me
create one for you.

William Pilch 12/22/2010
Sheri asked why does the elephant
have a chain on.  I wasn’t sure why but
I thought about it last night.   
The elephant is called to serve man.   
They will let you ride on their back and
carry huge loads for us.   God created
them that way.  For centuries they
have helped man to move things and
they are truly our friends and do it out
of love.
Like dogs and cats, horses, cattle or
all creatures.    We all serve each
other and that is the way it was
The elephant is happy.  He is delighted
to serve the cat.   I too am delighted to
serve man kind in any way I am called
on the planet to serve.    At the
moment I am called to create
wonderful, delightful, joyful artifacts.   I
am extremely happy to do it.  I get paid
a lot of money to do it.  I really get it
that my dog and cat are happy to
serve me and sometimes I need to put
a leash on them too.
William Pilch 12/22/2010
Shari's story about the
White ElephantGift
December 21-23, 2010
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December 23

December 24-27

January 8th   The White Elephant
The White Elephant was
created and given away at a
white elephant party in
December 2010