So in 6th grade my parents took us to
San Diego.  

We got to swim in the ocean and stay
in a hotel.

We went to Tijuana Mexico and we
bartered for goods.  

I bought a dive watch so I could go
swimming  with my watch on.
I was very proud of the way I had
bartered that Mexican down to 4
dollars for this watch.

That evening I went swimming in the
hotel pool and it busted.

I cried and begged Dad to take me
back to Tijuana so I could get  my
money back.

I was such a cry baby.  

My brother Guy who had no money to
barter for anything because he was
lazy teased me and teased me over
and over.  He was envious of my
wealth and happy about my befall.   
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Art by  William Pilch
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