My best friend was Glen.  We called
him the Badger.  He loved animals
and got me interested in them.   A lot
of my  artifacts are animals and bugs
The Badger seemed to have no fear.  
He would catch snakes or other small
creatures and I would be freaked out.  
We were not normal adolescent boys
and did a whole lot of mischievous
stuff. The Badger was a modern day
Huck Finn. Modern day back then.
 One of the weirdest things he did was
he tanned hides.  He would shoot
something and then tan it.  The weird
part was,  if he found a road kill he
would tan those as well.   The real
weird part was he would tan dogs that
had gotten killed on the sides of roads.
If you walked into his bedroom he
would have a dead Doberman pincher
on his wall or a dead sheep or a
poodle.   He was out there.  But not in
a bad way.  He needed to be famous
like me.  I guess like all of us do.   So
he did weird things to attract attention
to himself.   
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I could write a book about The Badger
but this is not about him its about me.  
So back to me.
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Art by  William Pilch
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