Pearls and Mustard Seeds
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The Derailers
I was acting out and playing basketball
and in a few fights and was in Mr.
Hackneys Civics class.  I was a terror
in the class,  but so was David Glaser.  
We fed off of each other and the next
thing I know we are ditching class
Dave was a women's man and the girls
loved him.  He laughed a lot and was
skilled at talking to them.  I was scared
of them.  
Dave was a hunter and outdoors
guy.  I followed Dave around, like I
followed the Badger around.  I
called Dave "The Goose"  in my
Derailers by Jon Cox
Pages 16-20
I  found the Derailers.  They were a
gang that I helped form and became
part of.  Most of us were jocks in one
form or another.
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