.   The Fight with Badger….
I followed the Badger (Glen) around
like a lost puppy for 4 or 5 years.   
What ever the badger did I did.   “What
one kiddy did the other kiddy did.”   Is
what Glen would say.  I lost my identity
some where and just did what he
did.     I copied him and mirrored him
as much as I could.  He taught me how
to spit, how to crack open sunflower
seeds with my teeth among other
things; we trapped animals and
followed nature and broke things.
I recall the moment I broke away from
the co-dependant friendship.   He
wanted to climb over fences and jump
into people’s yards and rip up people’s
gardens or open up the trash
collectors and throw the trash all over
the alley and collect booze bottles.  I
didn’t want to do that.  I didn’t want to
follow him that day.   I was tired of
following.   I wanted to lead.   I wasn’t
sure what I wanted to do but I didn’t
want to follow him any more.
I turned around and walked back to his
house and played board games with
his younger brother Neal. It was one of
the huge turning points of my life.  I
loved board games.  It was my moment
of clairity.  It was the lie detector in me.
I didn't want to be THE BAD AGER   
The next day or so Glen the Badger
and Greg Kmetz poured beer into my
new boots.  I ran the Badger down and
poured it all over him in his house.  His
father told me I couldn't come back to
their house any more.
Art by  William Pilch
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