Baseball wasn’t serving me well,
although reading, writing and coloring
seemed to work well.

This is my first oil painting and my first
Pearls and Mustard Seeds
My company
In the 3rd grade,  I had written a story
about a Leprachaun   I wanted to be a
writer and illustrator.
But, my dad told me that I would never
make any money being an artist, so I
did sports.    
I started playing basketball with the
Hendershots down the street and they
said I wasn't bad at the sport,  so I
started playing basketball
I was a very good rebounder and
good at defense but for some
reason I couldn't make a lay-up or a
shot if people where watching me
although I was incredibly accurate
when I practiced on my own. I was
afraid of crowds.
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Leprahaun created in 1965
Angel created in 1965