The Pearls and Mustard Seed Gallery will direct
and produce "William Pilch's  Pop-up Restaurant"
being held  at Everyday Joe's
144 S Mason St. Fort Collins

We wanted to Show Case Northern Colorado
Talent  in has many ways as possible in one

A  Northern Colorado Caterer will present a meal
French Style.   It will be a multi course meal with
entertainment for 3 hours.    Every 20-30 minutes a
new course will appear on your plate.   You WON'T
be eating American Style, in a Hurry.    

On top of it all you will entertained by Dancers,
Musicians, Singers, Painters, Photographers,
Comedians, and Poets all from your community.

There is a limited number of seats so get your
tickets early.

Event Info:
Nov. 10th,  2012
6-9:30 ish PM
*Tickets are $27.50 a plate and limited tickets
Fort Collins, Co, 80524
To purchase them in person contact
* Fort Collins has Talent*
William Pilch's Pop-up Restaurant
The First Pop Up Restaurant comes to Fort Collins
Next show: Nov 10th 6-9:30 ish PM
The Pop-Up Restaurant
Does restaurant quality food
need to be confined to the
traditional restaurant model?  
The answer is quickly
becoming no.  With the influx
of pop-up restaurants and
roving supper clubs, the
landscape of New York’s
dining scene seems to be
shifting.  Pop-ups give
temporary homes to novel
ideas and unique talent that
may not have the resources to
plunk down capital on a
permanent home.

A pop-up restaurant is a
temporary restaurant
installation. It could be a try out
for a more permanent
restaurant, something more
like a “food exhibit”, or a one-
night stand. )
The genius of the ever-
changing restaurant is that it’s
always new.   Hard-core
foodies will want to experience
every movement.  
Read about the pop
up restaurant